Subaru 5 speed swap

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Subaru 5 speed swap

Subaru motor vehicles have used manualconventional automaticand continuously variable CVT transmissions. Subaru manufactures its own manual and CVT transmissions for non- Kei cars. Since the s, all Subaru conventional automatic transmissions have been Jatco designs adapted to Subaru specifications. All of Subaru's three speed automatic transmissions were made by Jatco.

Subaru built their own four-speed automatic transmission based on the old Jatco design. It was available in FWD and Full-time awd. Active Torque Split drives the front wheels directly and the rear wheels through a hydraulic clutch.

The control unit monitors several factors including vehicle speed, gear position, and wheel speed and then varies the application of the clutch based on a model stored in memory.

The effect is a constantly and actively changing torque to the rear wheels anywhere from a few percent to fully locked. The control unit can and does alter torque several times per second.

Vehicles with higher power engines use a more aggressive model resulting in generally higher rear engagement. Later attempts at reducing customer confusion resulted in torque split numbers being given, but these have no meaning as there is no mechanical or other device to provide a static starting point for the control unit.

This system is the more commonly used setup used on most Subaru products after its introduction on the XT6. VTD adds a twin planetary center differential to the clutch and therefore has a static, starting torque split calculated on the planetary gear ratio, with the most common being The active clutch operation is similar to the ACT system, although the clutch is used to suppress differential action instead of as the differential itself.

The bellhousing and input shaft were changed for the Subaru EJ enginethe first generation was used until aboutwhen a major redesign of the holding devices was released.

The second generation saw use until Subaru developed a CVT for the Subaru Justy to gain reasonable acceleration and fuel economy from its small three cylinder engine. It employs a push-belt system and comes with an optional 4WD unit that engages the rear wheels when a button on the shifter is depressed. It also has a 'sport mode' that when activated nearly doubles engine RPM for better torque distribution when towing or going uphill.

In addition to improving the design of the transmission over the years, Subaru has supplied other companies with CVTs, as well. It is a metal chain, pulley-based CVT, which is considered the most reliable, due to the simplicity of the pulley system and durability of the metal chain.

In addition, the metal chain pulley system is generally quieter than other CVT designs. In the US, the Lineartronic is available with the 2.Even stock these are interesting, quirky, nice handling cars, but saddled with inadequate brakes and prone-to-fail automatic transmissions.

This example has been converted to run a WRX 5-speed manual, really freeing up the built flat six—a very nice sounding motor even in stock form. This is a late production run model mercifully spared the ineffective and ugly restraints, and the cabin itself seems to be in pretty good shape after 20 years. The latter item should eliminate the Subaru warble that most either love or hate, and endow the factory-coded EG33 motor with a more Porsche-esque sound.

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Please enable JavaScript to engage in the discussion on this site. Confirm Your Comment Did you mean to enter this number as a bid? If so please use the bidding box above. Post This as a Comment Cancel. Error Posting Comment There was an error posting your comment.Welcome to Fatal Flawwhere I choose a cool car that is made significantly less desirable by one major, glaring fault — and show you how to fix it. Today's feature is on the Subaru SVX, and how to make its driving experience as sporty as its iconic looks.

Photo by Alden Jewell on Flickr. Its Guigiaro-styled body is best described as incredibly futuristic for the 80s, but a bit dated for the 90s. The car had a split window, the impractical likes of which were only available on the Lamborghini Countach until then. The SVX also housed Subaru's largest naturally aspirated engine to date, the 3. The engine, at least, was a contender against the likes of the naturally aspirated variants of the ZX, GT, and Toyota Supra.

IT'S HERE! JDM V2 STI 5 Speed Swap Time!

That's what I would've said if it didn't only come equipped with a soul-sucking slushbox of a 4-speed automatic transmission. Although the entire drivetrain didn't suffer from any major reliability issues, the lack of a snappy manual transmission meant the high expectations for the model were never actually met. My advice for a project this big would be to either buy a car with a blown engine and part it out, or buy parts slowly, that way you'll have a better sense of where the budget is going.

The procedure for both variants is the nearly identical.

subaru 5 speed swap

Remove throttle body You can disconnect cables or simply move it out of the way. Pop off TC bolt cover small black plastic cover on pass side rear of engine.

How To Make The Subaru SVX The Car It Deserves To Be

Disconnect 2 large electrical connectors on the top of transmission. Place transmission jack under trans and lightly support it's weight. Remove transmission X-member from body and then from transmission. Support the front of the engine with a jack to be sure it doesn't fall forward. Slide transmission away from engine this is not as easy as it sounds.

This may. Remove SVX gas pedal assembly best off disconnecting cable from throttle.I am attempting and failing at trying to swap an EA 71 4-speed engine and transmission for an EA 81 5-speed engine and transmission. I have hit a deadend. Although everyone who has done this kind of swap says it's easy, I'm stuck!

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I hope you can help. I have nowhere else to turn. Right Before the ea82 was launched. The ea82 was paired with the same duel-range 5-speed 4x4 transmission as the ea81 I think. Ben the EA81's only came with 4 speed transmissions unless they were 2wd or automatic of course.

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Some people cut the 'ears' of the mounts and weld on a new piece which is then bolted to the transmission, others elongate the holes in the mounts and the transmission crossmember to make it all fit. Some GD? Note your Brat originally had the EA71, I doubt Jerry's kit will work and there are some clearance issues, the previously mentioned steering problem is the one most come across and I am not sure if the width of the 5 speed creates issues in the transmission tunnel, especially if your Brat is not lifted.

I should point out I have not done this conversion myself, although I keep thinking about trying it! The info I have kept in my head from reading through many posts on the subject over the years. Basically while not impossible there would certainly be some fabrication needed to get the 5 speed to fit, not the least of which is. So I'm not sure of the challenges that creates.

5 speed swap on 07 2.5i

You'll need to swap out the bell housing, flywheel and clutch to the EA82 set up. You can also grind out a notch in the transmission or weld in an extension on the steering linkage to solve the clearance issues, you can ether have a one piece drive line built or use the ea82 drive line and just mount up the center carrier bearing bolt or weld. Then possibly do a bit of cutting, grinding and welding on the transmission tunnel for the shift linkage and any clearance issues you might have.

Then build your transmission mount.

subaru 5 speed swap

From my experience this is what I think you'll need to do. Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it. The ea81 also bolts right up to the 5-speed duel-range transmission. So to clear things up here are some photos….Discussion in ' Modifications And Maintenance ' started by bhoff86Jul 18, Log in or Sign up.

Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 1. Ok guys I just picked this car up and it was a steal 07 impreza 2. So I'm planning on throwing a 5 speed manual into it. I have a pretty good idea of what I need just not sure of years that will work and if I should try and find a wrx 5 speed vs a normal 5 speed that would have come in this car?? I don't wanna do a full sti swap currently i just want a manual so when i start adding some bolt ons i get the 5 speed to go with it!

Anyone done one on here similar year?? Likes Received: Trophy Points: Suit up. CtraceyJul 18, The trans might be a good swap, but when it comes to a full STI swap, unless you love misery and punishing yourself, don't go there.

The wiring alone will send you way over the edge. Terry AmmermanJul 18, Likes Received: 1, Trophy Points: Sell it and buy a 2. TMFJul 18, Ctracey likes this. CurryJul 18, I understand cost and thingo like that but hard to find a 5 speed in decent shape for a cheap price this new I'm curious what your plans are for 'bolt-ons' as you mentioned in your first post.

Likes Received: 30 Trophy Points: Subaru vs honda is alot different and alot more has to be changed. Your rear ds is the wrong lenth your rear end probably doesnt match any manual trans ratios. Different maps on the ecu. Its way more work than a honda auto to manual swap. The 3. I think autos run 4. There is no way around changing the rear end. If you dont change the rear the center will be trashed.

Honestly sell it any buy a manual one.You might also have heard of the race and rally successes enjoyed by the 6-speed WRX STI, with its quick, strong, close ratio gearbox, and you could be forgiven for feeling a twinge of envy. The 6-speed STI box was designed by Subaru with motorsport in mind. It is by far the best and strongest gearbox Subaru have ever made, and with the highest level of operability. The six-speed gear set is nearly twice the size of the 5-speed and twice as strong.

It can easily handle up to Kw of power and a high degree of driver abuse. Subaru are aware that in some ways this gearbox is the centrepiece of their premium performance models, and have invested considerable time and money into ongoing research and development.

The six-speed DCCD gearbox has gone from strength to strength and has no known issues. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to retrofit the larger, stronger STI 6-speed gearbox to any of the 5-speed models, making it an ideal upgrade.

However, there are some complicating internal factors, such as final drive ratios, and some DCCD issues. All Drive Subaru have spent considerable time researching solutions to these problems, and have come up with appropriate proprietary procedures and modifications to make the 6-speed gearbox work smoothly in your 5-speed model Subaru. All these transmission numbers start with TY Subsequent numbers identify which specific components are in the box.

All the specialist techs at All Drive Subaroo are up to date on all gearbox variants and understand the numbering system fully. Our comprehensive knowledge means that you can be sure that an ADS supplied gearbox will be fully compatible with your Subaru, and that it can also be custom built for your specific needs, with different ratios as required.

All Drive Subaroo do not do conversions using second-hand boxes. There are a number of reasons for this. Six speed boxes from different models are not uniformly configured, raising the possibility of compatibility issues.

Also, second hand boxes are an unknown quantity. If you are investing in a conversion of this nature, it usually means you want to keep the vehicle for a long time, and hope to get extended service out of the new gearbox.

We stake our reputation on our reconditioned and remanufactured gearboxes. There are several online sellers offering STI 6-speed conversions boxes using second-hand gearboxes and parts sourced either locally or from Japan. While these are certainly less expensive than our package kit, there are several pitfalls to look out for. There are often issues with jumping out of fifth gear.

In the end, a second hand box just might not give you good service and could prove to be a bad investment.

How To Make The Subaru SVX The Car It Deserves To Be

There is also the strong possibility that the box, sourced from Japan or the US or Europe, will be incompatible with your Australian model, most commonly with speedometer readings, causing additional expense and stress.

Also, when your second hand box needs repair it might be difficult to obtain compatible parts. ADS is the largest Subaru gearbox repair and remanufacturing center in Australia. We have the strongest knowledge base in Australia, and people in the industry routinely consult us on engine and transmission issues.

All our gearbox packages have been completely disassembled and rebuilt using the latest revised parts and fixes for known inherent issues in the 6-speed box and come with warranty. Our kit takes all the worry out of the conversion. All the adaptions, modified tailshafts, and required parts are supplied ready to install with no further modification required. There are several advantages to having All Drive Subaroo do the installation, most importantly the warranty, with ADS covering both parts and labour.

This kit includes only the fully assembled transmission and essential components.The p-level reported with a t-test represents the probability of error involved in accepting our research hypothesis about the existence of a difference.

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subaru 5 speed swap

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subaru 5 speed swap

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